Dr. Brusch Uses Essiac Tea
To Treat Cancer

Dr. Brusch was a great humanitarian. Given numerous awards for his excellence in the medical field.

Always believed in and researched in natural treatments for todays ailments such as cancer.

Operated the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Ma. one of the largest medical clinics in Massachusetts.

Respected friend and personal physician of President John F. Kennedy.

He meets Renee Caisse the nurse who founded the formula of essiac tea from the Canadian Ojibwa Indians.

Together they run several thousand studies on essiac tea. Together the two of them work to come up with the most potent and effective herbal essiac tea. The addition of four extra herbs to the original four herbs creates the best essiac tea known today.The additional four herbs are called potentiators that increase the potency of the tea.

Renee Caisse remained his best friend and most trusted confidant until her death in 1978. The name of essiac tea originates from Renee's last name spelled backwards.

Physician is diagnosed with colon cancer. Treating his cancer with essiac tea alone he rids himself of this deadly cancer. In his very own words he states "I endorse this therapy, even today, for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through essiac alone." In his last complete examination no sign of malignancy was found and the medical records validate this.

Herbs and their benefits.

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